Channel 5 immigration debate ends in consensus

Channel 5’s ‘The Big British Immigration Row’ has resolved the issue of immigration to everyone’s satisfaction.

After a lively debate, participants compiled a list of appropriate actions in order to allow the nation to play it’s part in improving the lives of the impoverished and persecuted abroad, while ensuring the system isn’t abused by applicants. The studio audience acted as a ‘second chamber’, contributing necessary amendments, before a table of motions was agreed.

Presenter Nick Ferrari said: ‘There were a few moments when it looked like people might have been about to veer into a self-righteous political rant, but that soon passed when they realised that we had the opportunity we had to resolve the issue once and for all. Former Apprentice failure Katie Hopkins was particularly keen to establish common ground. The programme stayed on air until every angle had been examined – nobody wanted the programme to be a complete waste of time.’

The Channel 5 programme was just the latest of several TV debates which have recently transformed the lives of millions for the better; Last year, BBC1’s ‘The Big Questions’ came to an end after it successfully concluded which of the major faiths was the one ‘true’ religion.

Adrian Bamforth

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