Creepy guy in gym ‘just watching’ for 35th straight minute

The rather creepy over-muscled guy by the weights equipment is STILL just stood there watching according to nervous patrons of Club Physique Gym in Stoke on Trent. ‘He hasn’t used any equipment.’ says gym user Gary Wardle; ‘he’s just stood there holding a water bottle with a towel over his shoulder,sipping occasionally and watching the overweight middle-aged guy on the treadmill just a little bit TOO intently’.

Earlier the same patron took 20 minutes to change, of which 15 minutes were spent buff naked awkwardly making eye contact with other gym-users and seemingly unashamed of his shaved acorn-size genitalia.

Within the last few minutes he has been joined by a similarily over-muscled and fake tanned patron and they are now leaning against the weights engaged in forced banter using the words ‘Squats’ ‘Thrust’ and ‘Snatch’. Club Physique Trainer Andy Drifford said ‘You wouldn’t have thought it possible in a gym, but these guys just made the place even gayer.’

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