Dancers in freak Hokey Cokey accident are uninjured but ‘badly shaken all about’

One clearly distressed witness said ‘They were putting their right arms in when they should have been taking their left legs out… It just kept happening over and over again … In, out, in, out… It was horrible!

‘People tried to help the victims… There were screams of ‘Whoa! Whoa!’ everywhere, but they were all holding hands so it was useless. They must have rushed in three times, only to be dragged back by the crowd. ‘When help finally reached them they were quickly put in the recovery position. Knees bent, arms stretched, and turned around.’

There have been warnings about the dance craze, that has taken holiday camps and birthday celebrations by storm, but these have gone largely unheeded. Fans of the Hokey Cokey deny there is any danger however, saying it is all just scare mongering. They admit there are risks, but claim ‘That’s what it’s all about!’

Ian Searle

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Posted: Feb 26th, 2014 by

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