Harriet Harman ‘deeply regrets’ 1970s hairstyle

In a statement which stopped short of an apology, Harriet Harman has expressed ‘regret’ for allowing a 1970s hairdresser to interfere with her hair.

‘With the benefit of hindsight, I think we can all see that this was a mistake’, she told journalists. ‘But these people infiltrated left-wing politics at the highest levels – just take a look at Arthur Scargill.

‘I was young, I was radical, I really wanted to be a boy. And I worked at the NCCL – looking like a schoolboy was the only way you could get any sexual attention. The 1970s were a very dark time for hair – Jimmy Savile was a style icon, for God’s sake. Jimmy was lucky to die when he did, before anybody noticed his 70s hair. The rest of us have to live on with our shameful secrets.


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