Rebekah Brooks to get off after ‘promise from government’

Rebekah Brooks case is tipped to collapse after revelations that the British Government had promised her in writing that she would not be prosecuted. Ms Brooks barrister, Jonathan Laidlaw claimed today that she had received an email from a member of the government of the day whose identity is being protected, but who is being described as ‘very orange and holding the highest office’.

When asked why this point was not revealed before, Rebekah quipped that she ‘didn’t like to spoil the surprise’. She was, according to her defence, surprised herself, just as she was ‘astonished’ to find that her hacks had engaged in hacking, and was ‘flabbergasted’ to discover that the thing they did that she was unaware they did was, in fact, in any way illegal.

Senior ministers are now threatening to resign over the incident, according to Brooks. ‘I’ve listened to their voicemails’ she explained, ‘so it must be true.’

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