Three-headed baby plans announced

Plans to allow the creation of babies with three heads have been announced in the UK. The draft regulations will be reviewed as part of a public consultation and could come into force by the end of 2014, although opponents say it is unethical and could set the UK on a ‘slippery slope’.

Doctors and human rights activists say three-headed babies would eliminate the squabbling between gay parents and the surrogate mother. ‘It’s the logical solution to what is becoming an increasingly common problem,’ said Jake Sprogg, spokesman for REEB (Rights for Everyone Except Babies).

‘Each head could be brought up to regard one of the parents as his own ‘special’ parent, thus avoiding expensive court battles over the competing rights of real or surrogate or substitute parents.’

Mr Sprogg argued that those who criticise the ethics of the proposal they were standing in the way of progress towards a Brave New World, where the manipulation of human biology would only be limited by our imagination. ‘Just think – we could breed babies with multiple legs, and increase our chances of winning more sporting events. Or babies with very large feet, thus saving the considerable cost of buying skis in the Winter Olympics.’

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