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Schoolboy successfully lights Bunsen burner without messing about

A 13-year-old Lancashire schoolboy has become the first pupil in the UK to successfully light a Bunsen burner without turning it up too high or too low or attempting to burn his school to the ground.

‘It’s a remarkable achievement,’ said Jamie Brown’s teacher at Priory Academy. ‘Usually, if they don’t actually try to gas us all, they keep turning it up to a really fierce blue flame or really low with a big yellow flame they burn their worksheets in while I’m talking.  But Jamie was brill,’ Miss Stokes said.

A spokesman for education minister Michele Gove said Jamie’s achievement showed the success of the science national curriculum.  ’It’s gratifying to see pupils getting back to basics instead of mucking about with so-called projects like trying to produce nuclear fusion in the lab,’ the spokesman said.

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Posted: Mar 6th, 2014 by roybland

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