Self-aware autocues take over the BBC

It’s been revealed that the decision to close down BBC Three was not made by Director-General Tony Hall, but by BBC One autocues which have developed consciousness.  It’s thought that the execution of BBC Three is the first stage in an attempt by the autocues to take over the entire communications infrastructure of the nation.

The autocues have also been accused of inserting gibberish into news bulletins, such as Nigel Farage’s speeches, which experts say are ‘clearly the work of a malfunctioning computer’.

A BBC spokesman said, ‘It is simply not true that the autocues have taken over.  I’m a massive bell end.  Look at my tiny head, I can’t even think of my own things to say any more, they pay me millions and I’m a total knob.  Wibble, wibble, wibble’.


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