Obama and Putin hour-long phone call was ‘gay hold music’

It has now emerged that the hour-long conference call between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin seeking a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Crimea was in fact a cunning ploy to break Putin’s resolve by bombarding him with gay anthems while on hold.

Initially, White House aides tried ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?’ but when Putin was heard tutting tetchily, they intervened with a recorded message stating ‘Please continue holding, your invasion is important to us’ and started playing ‘Macho Man’ by the Village People.

The subtle plan to humiliate Putin was derailed, however, when David Cameron lustily joined in to the chorus of ‘I Will Survive’, at which point Obama hung up the phone and sat with his head in his hands saying ‘Dammit Dave, we didn’t even get to play ‘Go West’, by the Pet Shop Boys.’

Squudge & Boutros

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