Nation commemorates first anniversary of horse meat jokes

The nation has held its first Horse Meat Lasagne Remembrance Day to commemorate a year since the end of the British horse meat scandal and the jokes that went with it.

Across the country, many dressed in authentic 2013 styles and held street parties in which children enjoyed low quality lasagne while the adults exchanged memories and recounted their favourite gags from the period. In rural areas, people dressed up as horses and pranced around special poles – an allusion to fondly-remembered witticisms about the trots.

After the horse meat joke armistice was signed, many were unable to return to everyday life, often experiencing joke flashbacks and uncomfortable involuntary chuckles.

However, there was a more sombre side to the event, as wreaths were placed at the monument to the unknown horse, just one of many who gave their lives in order to amuse the nation for a few short weeks.

We’re very much behind the idea of making this an annual event,” said an advocate of the new festival. “We could vary the animal contaminant each year, much like the Chinese do with their New Year.”

“Cynics have said that putting horses in lasagne was a bad thing. Really? Around me, all I see is joy and laughter.”

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