Scientists reveal new Occam’s Razor with three blades

Researchers from the Applied Theoretics department of the University of East Cheam have hailed the invention of a new three-bladed version of Occam’s Razor, claiming it can work up to four times more efficiently at removing stubborn week-old hypotheses than currently available models.

“With our original Occam’s Razor, our proposed theories were gaining outlandish and unverifiable statements within hours and, quite frankly by the end of the academic day they were looking pretty unprofessional. With the new three-bladed razor, our ideas still look clean and elegant all day long.”

Combining a pivoting razor head with anti-friction blades, the new Occam’s Razor can glide smoothly over any proposed academic paper, leaving only smooth scientific plausibility and a slight scent of aloe vera.

bonjonelson (hat-tip to cinquecento)

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Posted: Mar 23rd, 2014 by

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