Man caught watching Crimewatch without a TV Licence

‘I was just watching Crimewatch to see who they were chasing this week,’ said Bill Evans of Basingstoke, ‘and Doris, that’s the wife, said “isn’t that our front door?”. Well bugger me but just then the door flew open and Nick Ross and a load of cameramen piled into our front room. It was criminal.’

Mr Evans was given a £1000 fine and a criminal record, which he had no option but to accept. ‘My only regret is that I wasn’t watching something that was actually entertaining. I could probably come to terms with it more if it had been something good, like they have on Sky or ITV.’

Nick Ross defended the item; ‘it never occurred to us that criminals might watch this show, but once the idea popped into our heads we started to think what was the worst crime someone could commit and, bingo, that’s why we’re here at the Old Bailey today. But don’t have nightmares. Sleep well.’


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