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Mystery disappearance of concern for flight MH370 investigated

The disappearance of concern for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is to be investigated by a global task force.  Concern for the missing flight went missing at some point in the last 48-hours, it’s last message reported to be;  ‘have they not found that flight yet?’ in a Facebook post originating in the south-east of England.

A team of investigators from Malaysia, China, Australia and the USA has been deployed to the social media area to follow-up sightings of concern for the missing flight, but given the time elapsed and the expanse of social media to be covered, chances are thought to be slim.

‘There was a reported sighting in the depths of a very remote area of social media – Bebo – and we’re directing our operations in that area’, Australian PM Tony Abbott told a news conference.  ‘At this time, all leads have to be followed up.  Even on Friends Reunited’.


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Posted: Apr 2nd, 2014 by Guest

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