Welsh Assembly demand eCigarettes to be penis shaped

Wales has furthered the criticism of eCigarettes today, demanding that all devices sold in the country are phallically shaped.  Ministers at the Assembly in Cardiff added the changes to their suggested law banning the use of such devices in public places in an attempt to separate the use of electronic cigarettes from regular smoking and thus prevent the smoking ban being circumnavigated.

‘This action will address the issue of tobacco abuse and the life threatening illnesses it can cause’, said Mark Drakeford, Welsh Health Minister.  ‘While a restriction may be difficult, we believe the change to a less aesthetically pleasing design will improve enforcement by making the recognition of eCigarette smoking easier and disassociate their use with the consumption of tobacco’.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruth Hussey added her approval to the Assembly’s plans.  ‘It is fitting that Wales is once again at the forefront of health developments.  By changing the design of these devices, it allows those who insist on using them in pubs with the smug feeling of getting around the law to be identified and their personalities shown by what’s between their lips’.


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