BBC to build new Forsyth in Salford


Bosses at the BBC have confirmed plans for a new Forsyth to be built in Salford.  It is thought the new Forsyth will feature newer dance moves and more sophisticated anecdotes about Sammy Davis Junior, while retaining it’s iconic shape.  The original Forsyth was a much-loved part of viewers’ lives over the years, with its eccentric 1950’s design and rich history. Performers from the early days fondly recall its circular routines and stories which seemed to lead nowhere.

‘There are so many memories attached to the old Bruce’, said BBC archivist Trevor Jones today.  ‘From the day the all-round-entertainer was ceremoniously switched on, to the time he was infiltrated by militant lesbians.  Sadly, the years took their toll on the institution – the material wore thin, the roof has been replaced several times and it was eventually only fit for game shows’.

The BBC has described the new Forsyth as ‘a Brucie for the digital age’, with state-of-the-art flirtatious banter with female hostesses and hi-definition exasperated looks to camera.  However, fans have been assured that the old Forsyth will remain in use for the immediate future on a commercial basis.  The move signals a major decentralisation of the Forsyth industry, and it is thought other institutions may follow suit, with ITV weighing up options for a second Trevor McDonald in Leeds.

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