Culture Secretary blasted with Cameron’s ‘full confidence’

The Culture Secretary Maria Miller’s position is said to be ‘untenable’ today after the Prime Minister was forced to express full confidence in her actions.

The revelation occurred after Miller was hastily summoned to Number 10, for a no-holds-barred discussion on the fulsomeness of confidence the PM felt compelled to express. Officials have confided that ‘voices were raised’, and that Cameron could be heard yelling; ‘this is the fullest confidence I have ever had to express in an MP.  I am having to be unequivocal!’, and further demanding what she had to say for herself.

Confidants of the PM have said that David Cameron ‘deeply regretted’ having to express his full confidence, and that it ‘gave him no pleasure’. ‘He gave her both barrels, then reloaded. Frankly, we have never seen him so full of it.’  The Culture Secretary is understood to have warned Cameron to ‘keep a lid on it, if he knows what is good for him’.

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