Camberwick Green Gazette: Windy Miller resigns from Council

Windy Miller has resigned his seat on Camberwick Green Town Council following the much publicised irregularities over his expense claims. As previously reported in the Gazette an enquiry set up by the Council found that Miller had claimed £5800.00 on ‘miscellaneous’ expenses and that he used these funds for a repair on the sails of his Colley’s Mill windmill damaged during this winter’s storms.

The Council’s Standards Committee reported last week that Miller had been ‘uncooperative’ and published testimony from Trumpton tradesman Chippy Minton who carried out the repair on the sails. Minton told the Committee that Miller had ‘got rat-arsed’ on his homemade cider and told him that he was using taxpayers money for the sail repair.

Chairman of the Town Council, Dr Mopp, has also come in for criticism for failing to sack Windy Miller earlier for what many see as a clear criminal act. Windy Miller resigned his seat because he said the scandal ‘was deflecting attention from all the work being done by the council’. Which everyone else had thought was the only reason to keep him on.


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