Nigel Evans MP: ‘Its been 11 months of hell and now my gay friends know I’m a Tory’

MP Nigel Evans made an emotional statement today outside Preston Crown Court after being acquitted of a string of sex abuse charges. Following the judgement Evans said ‘its been hell and a lot of embarrassing stuff is now in the public domain, I’ve always been very upfront about my homosexuality but a lot of my gay friends had no idea I was a Tory MP. I’m a very private person and I’ve always tried to keep that side of my life quiet as I don’t see it as being anyone else’s business what I do for a living’.

A close friend of Evans, Jeremy Saunders, confirmed that Evans being outed as a Conservative has come as a great shock amongst his circle of friends ‘ we spend a lot of time together at the weekends and have always taken the view that what someone gets up to in the privacy of their own workplace is their business, we don’t have to know and we don’t want to know, as long as it legal. But the courtroom revelations have come as a shock. I don’t have a problem with it but some of our friends are not as open-minded and feel betrayed, I know he’s an independent at the moment but that won’t make any difference to some of the more traditional members of our group. Personally I think that as long as it doesn’t interfere with his homosexuality then where’s the harm?’


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