‘We’re better prepared for a nasty cold than ever’, says government

The government defended its purchase of £600 million worth of Tamiflu. ‘We’ve all experienced really bad colds,’ said a spokesman, ‘and if someone else you know has got a cold as well, well that’s doubly sad.’ He dismissed claims that the government advisors hadn’t looked into the research data for Tamiflu before investing half the NHS budget on stockpiling it. ‘Quite the contrary,’ he argued, ‘our own research, backed up by Tamiflu’s own data, suggested that it was most effective in easing man-flu, one of the biggest health problems this country has. If we were to lose only half the male population through an outbreak of man-flu, say over the World Cup, then productivity might decline,’ he said.

Meanwhile the Secretary for Health proudly highlighted the joined-up thinking exhibited in Department of Health budget expenditure. Jeremy Hunt’s belief in homeopathy ‘was fully consistent with spending 450 million pounds on Tamiflu’, he said.

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