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Pistorius ‘held in contempt’ for rubbish Parker impressions

In a dramatic legal twist today the trial of Oscar Pistorius was halted after the whole proceedings were judged to be ‘frankly taking the piss’.

The case was halted after Pistorius rather over-did the ‘Parker off Thunderbirds’ impressions that he had been coerced into as part of a plea bargain. Prosecutors admitted to being ‘in on the act’, and were a ‘tad disappointed’ that he was such a snivelly big-girl’s blouse version of the iconic puppetry chauffeur.

The plan was that the defendant achieve at least one thousand obsequious ‘M’ladys’ before the last day, when the judge would sweep into the court attired in a Lady Penelope pink gown with matching miniskirt, talking in a posh British accent.

Embarrassed court officials have since denied that there was a sponsorship deal to airlift Pistorius from the court on sentencing, in a mock-up of Thunderbird Two, and disappear him off to a mental institution in time to be rehabilitated for the next Olympics.

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Posted: Apr 17th, 2014 by Squudge

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