Clark Kent accused of hacking Superman’s voicemail

Daily Planet journalist Clark Kent was taken into custody today by Metropolis police officers after allegations surfaced that he’d hacked into the man of steel’s mobile phone voice mail in order to get exclusive scoops on his heroic escapades.

‘Phone records indicate he accessed messages hundreds of times in the last year alone’ said a spokesman for the city prosecutors office. ‘We’re confident we’ve got a strong case against him.’

Billionaire business owner and presidential hopeful Lex Luthor -who has previously come under intense criticism from opinion columns penned by Kent- responded gleefully to the revelations: ‘It just shows how hypocritical these so called journalists are – one minute they write stories on how we should respect the privacy of these dangerous self proclaimed heroes, the next they are breaching that privacy themselves. We should introduce tougher regulation of the press to prevent such disgusting abuse of power.’

No official comment has been given by Kent’s Attorneys, but he is reported to have said upon his arrest ‘If I could only turn back time by flying backwards round the world really fast, I would.’


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