Garden snail travels record 31.8 miles by air

With a top speed of 1.3 cm/hour, garden snails are not known for travelling. However, research on tagged snails by the University of Coventry’s Dr Brian Harrison has uncovered one snail was discovered near some lettuces and tossed over the fence by Mrs Brown into Mrs Pearce’s garden at number 38. This process appears to have been repeated some 2,000 times until the snail finally came to rest in a school field in Dudley.

Dr Harrison believes that snails could well be travelling the country via a series of over arm tosses. The snail in question was unavailable for comment. However, his brother said: ‘That fucker thinks he’s something special since he’s been travelling. Well, he can go fuck himself. Come to think of it, since we have both male and female reproductive organs, he probably already is.’


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