North Korea ‘deeply insulted’ at not being blamed for ferry disaster

North Korea has said that it feels ‘deeply insulted’ that South Korea has not yet blamed it for the recent ferry disaster and has detailed seven different ways their forces could have done it, along with a strenuous denial that they actually did.

‘We would have at least expected them to send destroyers to try to find our submarines,’ said Kim Jong-un. ‘I don’t understand why the South didn’t think we did it when, of course, we could have if we wanted to. It is a grave insult to the DPRK that our threats are not regarded more seriously and we are sinking three of our own ferries in retaliation.’

This incident is the latest to raise tensions in the region. Only last week North Korea filed an official protest with the United Nations that the US had recklessly called off the satellite search of secret North Korean airbases looking for a hidden Boeing 777.

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