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West warns Moslem world to ignore Blairite extremists

Western leaders have warned their Islamic counterparts to put aside their differences over conflicts throughout the world and focus on the threat of Blairite extremism, after Middle East ‘peace envoy’ Tony Blair warned that the West ‘would pay a big price for not intervening in Syria, mainly in lost oil revenues’.

‘Mr Blair talking about the dangers of not taking action in the Middle East is like a child telling you the dangers of not buying them sweets,’ a UN statement said. ‘These Blairites and followers of the affiliated Bush have been making threats and calling for like-minded people to get involved in conflicts like Syria, all for the purpose of cheaper petrol prices. Unfortunately the Internet gives a platform to these far-left, extreme Blairite, suicide bloggers.’

James Pluside

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Posted: Apr 25th, 2014 by Guest

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