Sky Atlantic debut gritty drama series about people who don’t have Sky Atlantic

clearly not how modern humans should behave

An all new gritty drama series portraying the destitute people who don’t have Sky Atlantic will be airing this Sunday at 9 PM.

Exclusive to Sky Atlantic, Game of Plebs season one chronicles the dark metamorphosis of Nigel Munnery, a well-meaning but flawed IT consultant from Stoke, who is being driven to insanity by colleagues talking about TV dramas not available on his Virgin Media television package.

After angrily spending night after night watching banal television series like MasterChef and The Michael McIntyre Chat Show, Munnery inevitably turns to a life of crime illegally downloading forbidden HBO television dramas. Here the lines between good and evil become distorted, and a maverick IT consultant is corrupted by Sky’s Dark Overlord Murdoch and his brutal reign over TV schedules.

Munnery is then submerged into the nihilistic underworld of illegal downloading. Our morally ambiguous anti-hero faces pop-ups from dodgy porn sites flashing up on the screen, as well as adverts about ‘local girls in his area who want to sleep with him’ – an encounter met with suspicion considering he is an IT consultant from Stoke.
As the story unfolds, minor grievances escalate into graphically violent scenes when an unrelenting blood-lust for compelling television leads him to [spoiler alert!] spilling tea all over his thighs – one of the many perils of trying to watch something on a laptop.

An exclusive promo of the series was also released containing pivotal scenes and epic quotes such as ‘All men must die’, ‘If you want justice you’ve come to the wrong place’, and the penultimate turning point of his transformation: ‘Why the bloody hell am I paying for Channel 5!’


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