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‘Debbie’s Law’ to reveal if partners have a history of ‘being boring’

A new law that could be passed within months will make men and women aware of previous instances of ‘dullness’ and ‘boring behaviour’ in their partners.  Named after Debbie Stevens, who discovered her husband Mike had a history of motorway-themed conversation and golf before she divorced him in 2011 having unearthed his hidden subscription to BBC History magazine, the law is designed to protect individuals from partners with a proven history of ‘crushing dullness’.

‘Nobody should have to suffer needlessly in the way Debbie did’, said MP Verity Baxter, a prominent campaigner for the law.  ’We estimate there are thousands of individuals in this country enduring relationships with partners whose inherent dullness only emerged some time after they were married or established in a secure relationship.’

Instances of wanting to ‘holiday with the neighbours’ or have a ‘quiet Saturday night in with a takeaway’, could all be cited as examples of ‘boring behaviour’ under the law. Membership of gardening clubs, rock choirs or amateur dramatic societies could also be registered and revealed to inquiring partners.

‘Any measure that can protect a partner against previously undemonstrated dullness is to be welcomed’, said Bruce Farwell, 63.  His son Duncan disappeared in 2007 and is believed to have been driven from the family home by his wife Sofie’s obsession with TV talent shows.  ’Bruce had no inkling as to Sofie’s dormant dullness until it was too late’, Farwell added.  ’If we can save one more husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend from a similar fate, then we have a duty to do so.’


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Posted: May 5th, 2014 by Guest

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