Online survey finds most Britons born on 1 January 1900

A survey by the market research company Obvius has recorded a surprising bump in the number of online centenarians.  ‘People aged over 113 show a surprising level of activity on the internet’, said Obvius MD Keith Clarkson, adding: ‘Especially porn sites’.

Obvius sent out millions of unsolicited email invitations to random individuals inviting them to benefit from a range of online services, such as wine by the case, free holidays, double glazing, introductions to lonely Russian women and discreet affairs.  Surprisingly over 90% of the respondents were centenarians and – even more baffingly – born on the same day.

‘We will have to conduct more research to find out what drives this unique group of over-110s to use the Internet, but we suspect it might have to do with mobility issues,’ said Clarkson. ‘Once we understand this, we will look at how we can encourage those born just 24 hours later – on the second of January 1900 – to get more involved on the web.

‘Even though they are a day younger, I’m sure they, too, would benefit from online services.’


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