Benefit claimants pleased at prospect of zero-hour contracts

In what appears to be the perfect deal for those either unable or reluctant to work, the government plans to push claimants off benefits and into jobs they will not have to do. The rationale being that if people only have to work zero hours, they will have plenty of time to make money elsewhere.

Unemployment figures are at a five-year low and this is in part due to the 1.4 million people working zero hours or less. The government is hoping to stamp out unemployment altogether in the next five years by placing all the current jobless in a zero hour vocation. If the plans come to fruition, the UK will have both the world’s lowest unemployment figures and the least people actually working.

UKIP have expressed concerns about an influx of notoriously work-shy Eastern Europeans migrating to the UK in search of zero hour contracts and the related perks, fearing that the non-existent tax bills, easy commute and lack of stress will be too appealing a prospect.


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