Cameron sparks outrage by posing for photos with ‘dead politician’

Cameron clegg

Photographs of David Cameron posing with a dead politician have been condemned as ‘heartless’ by family and friends of the deceased today.  Some of the photographs clearly show Mr. Cameron laughing at the stricken body while others show him ignoring the lifeless corpse altogether.

The Prime Minister is reportedly seen regularly taunting the deceased, goading him with caustic remarks and cruel put-downs.  In some of the photographs, the deceased looks helpless and confused, realising that his time is up.  Some have claimed that in others, Cameron is clearly seen mocking the dead man, trampling over the corpse and using the remains as a convenient doormat.

The pictures were taken at various locations throughout the UK, including such unlikely locations as Downing Street, the Commons front bench and Government cabinet meetings. ‘I’d always wondered what the hell that dead guy was doing there’, said one political correspondent. ‘He was just always there, looking stiff and pointless, serving no purpose other than making Cameron look more energetic and interesting, which in itself is a tall order’.

The first known picture of Cameron posing with the dead man appears to have been taken in a Westminster rose garden back in 2010.  The controversial photographs continue to cause outrage throughout the UK although political commentators say proof of a legal death certificate and a detailed coroner’s report could help cool public anger.

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