Politicians turn to the hashtag to implement policies

Now that he ‘s discovered the bandwagon for tweeting a selfie holding a popular hashtag, David Cameron is planning sweeping reforms of the way that power is wielded in the corridors of Westminster.

The Prime Minister has followed Michelle Obama’s lead in posting a picture of himself holding a sign reading ‘#BringBackOurGirls’, in the hope that this will result in the safe return of abducted schoolgirls without the need for actually doing something about the problem. And now he is encouraging his cabinet to use the same approach for other political issues, both at home and internationally.

This is thought to be a much more expedient and cost-effective way of implementing government policy than the traditional approach of attempting to resolve the issue. It’s expected that later today George Osborne will be issuing a photo of himself holding up a large placard reading, ‘#GrowEconomyGrow’, and Michael Gove is widely expected to tweet ‘#DownWithTeachers’.


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