Multiple small right-wing parties ‘could split fruitcake vote’

The UK Independence Party’s widely anticipated night of triumph at the European elections next week could yet be spoiled by a proliferation of virtually indistinguishable small parties taking a share of the UKIP vote, pollsters have warned.

‘In the West Midlands alone, there are more of them standing them than mainstream parties like UKIP,” said Farage. ‘“An Independence from Europe” with the strapline “UK Independence Now”? Now that sounds a bit too like us. And the English Democrats could easily confuse UKIP supporters in Surrey who aren’t quite aware that England and the UK aren’t one and the same or think that we want Scotland to be independent. We don’t, do we? No, just checking.’

Farage has also condemned the opportunism of some of the other slates. The BNP, he said, has cynically switched from overt racism to just being anti-EU and anti-Islamist when UKIP’s star began to rise. “No2EU” is also standing for workers’ rights and against the EU, while another is demanding “Zero Immigration, Anti-EU, Pro-Jobs” while calling itself the “Harmony Party”, which could introduce many vulnerable UKIP supporters to the concept of irony.

Mr Farage urged voters to study the ballot paper very closely to avoid making a serious error. ‘Fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists, the lot of them,’ he added.

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