Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis blows entire fortune on 4.30 at Kempton Park

Self-styled Money Saving Expert and multi-millionaire Martin Lewis has squandered his entire fortune on a horse race at Kempton Park, it has been revealed.

Lewis explained ‘We’d had a few glasses of Champagne, not the overpriced Moet & Chandon they serve in hospitality – I brought some of Lidl’s own, at £12.99 a bottle. I placed a few modest bets and won a few pounds back and after a few more glasses of bubbly I threw caution to the wind and decided to bet everything I had, not with the turf accountants at the track mind you; I went online and set up accounts with 12 different bookmakers and received free bets worth a total of £2,000. Then, and this is where it went a bit wrong, I put it all on a horse called ‘Colostomy Bag’ that was running in the 4.30 and the Findus-bound old nag came in last.’

He has used the catastrophe as a learning experience however. ‘When I sobered up and realised what I’d done I felt like sticking my head in the oven, so my tip this week is that if you are thinking about gas induced asphyxiation be sure and shop around first and if necessary change provider to make sure you’re on the best tariff.’


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