Romanian family declines house next door to German family

A Romanian family has turned down the offer of a house in London because they don’t want to live next door to Germans.

The family – who don’t want to be named – said they had nothing against Germans.

‘It’s just that the father of this family – he is English but has a German wife and children- smokes a lot and is forever down the pub. We’re a quiet family and don’t like that kind of thing,’ a spokesman for the Romanians said.

The Romanians also claim that the father of the German family often creates a commotion in the street.

‘He often gathers a crowd of people with cameras around him in the street and at the moment I need quiet as I’m studying for my ‘Living in the UK Test,’ the Romanian father of three said.

‘I think he’s a bit of a show-off,’ he added.

But his wife admitted there was another reason why they’d refused the house.

‘This man has these staring pop-out eyes which scare the shit out of the kids,’ she said. ‘It reminds them of Transylvania.’

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