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Police to investigate biggest dinosaur jokes; ‘too soon’

The Metropolitan police have confirmed that they will look into complaints made to them about ‘tasteless, so-called, jokes’ made on Twitter about the recently discovered fossil of the world’s largest dinosaur in Patagonia.

‘It’s completely tasteless’ grumbled one Daily Mail reader. ‘It’s much too close to the unfortunate asteroid strike that wiped out the entire species, if that’s what it was. We haven’t even had a chance to sob in the streets and pile flowers up whilst telling everyone how we’ll miss him or her so badly despite the fact that we never met him or her. I haven’t even been able to post anything deep and meaningful on Facebook yet.’

A parrot also commented; ‘It’s only 66 million years since my ancestors were devastated by this tragic event. It’s all right for you monkey boys, but you really wait a few more ice ages before poking fun at this disaster.’

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Posted: May 20th, 2014 by apepper

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