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The Internet spots ‘Jesus Christ’ in football crowd

The image of a middle aged football supporter bearing a strong resemblance to Jesus Christ has gone viral, sparking fresh interest in Christianity.

The image was taken from TV coverage of Saturday’s FA Cup final in which Arsenal beat Hull City 3-2.

The long-haired bearded man appears to be wearing a cloak and is seen apparently praying.

But as the image appears to show ‘Jesus’ among supporters of Hull City, some religious scholars have cast doubt on the reports.

‘If Jesus is a supporter of Hull City,’ said Dr Hans King, ‘it’s unlikely they would have lost when a simple miracle would have clinched it for them.’

The image has sparked renewed interest in Christianity among football supporters and renewed interest in football among Christians with a reported surge in atheism in Hull.

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Posted: May 20th, 2014 by roybland

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