UKIP voters determined to overcome X drawing challenge

UKIP voters are going all out to make sure they can draw a cross correctly on their ballot papers on Thursday.

‘I’ve being practising for weeks,’ said Fred Blackstone (67). ‘I don’t want it get it wrong and lose Nigel a vote.’

Farage is said to be worried that many of his supporters may find the challenge of drawing a cross on their ballot papers on Thursday too much, resulting in spoiled papers.

And many UKIP voters face the daunting prospect of having to cast a vote for both local and European candidates.

‘I can manage one cross, ‘said Mr Blackstone, ‘but I’m not sure about a second. That’s a big one.’

Percy Wilson (58) said he is determined to get it right on Thursday because at the last general election he ‘messed up’ and his vote was disallowed.

‘I don’t know what I could have been thinking of,’ he said, ‘but instead of a cross, I went and done a swastika instead.’

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