Chilcot ‘may deploy WMD at any time’, says Blair


Tony Blair has today warned that Sir John Chilcot, chairman of the Iraq War Inquiry, has WMDs and might launch a strike against targets in the West with very little notice.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, the former Prime Minister told James Naughtie; ‘I mean, let’s be clear about this. All the intelligence points towards Chilcot having some pretty nasty stuff. And who knows when he might use it? Anyone who’s not worried about that, from where I’m sitting, that’s a pretty relaxed attitude to take’.

When pressed about the nature of the weapons, he replied “Well, that’s not for me to say. They could be chemical, biological or something we’ve never seen before. Like the truth, for instance. But everything points towards him being in possession of Weapons of My – sorry, Mass Destruction and it’s increasingly clear that something must be done”.

Mr. Blair went on to say that he was pressing for a pre-emptive strike against Chilcot. ‘I think it’s important to be absolutely clear that I, we rather – the UK, all of us – have the right to defend myself against foreign aggression, even if it’s not from outside the country and not actually foreign. I’m advocating a full military response in the next few days, and I know President Bush agrees with me on this one’.

Sir John was unavailable for comment, having told his wife that he was going out for a walk.

Bob Crumpett

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