Outrage after new Marvel film has only three post credits scenes

‘I don’t particularly care who the caterers or paymasters were for the film’ said one outraged fan, ‘but I usually stay till the end of the credits to get a hint about what might be coming next, or to see if one of the characters who apparently died in the film is actually implausibly alive…’

However many fans were dismayed to find Marvels latest offering only had 3 of those scenes dotted throughout its closing titles.

‘Its just pure laziness on the part of the filmmakers’ posted one fan on a popular comic enthusiasts forum, ‘To make matters worse, it turns out the villain briefly teased for the next film wasn’t even an obscure character. Usually only the most die hard fans get the chance smugly nod and go ‘ahaah!’ to their friends like they have the faintest idea who he is, but this guy is so well known, even the old dear who thought she was seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel knew who it was. I feel like I got in the way of the cinema’s cleaning staff for no reason’.


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