Folkestone refugee camps ‘packed with migrants desperate to leave’

Police moved in to break up the over-stretched refugee camps on the south coast today intent on removing around 800 migrants suspected of trying to flee the country. The migrants, mostly from Romania and Bulgaria say they have made a catastrophic error of judgement and would like to return home.

But UK authorities say the migrants will not be allowed to leave while there are still low paid jobs and zero hour contracts to fill. Police officers have told migrants to pack their bags and get back to London or face being given jobs in the north of England.

Meanwhile the authorities in Eastern Europe have offered to provide a shower, clean clothes and a less racist place to live for the EU migrants.
But the UK authorities, urged on by buy-to-let landlords, Tory donors and fast food outlets, are refusing to co-operate. Home Secretary Theresa May said Conservatives would do whatever it takes to regain control of our borders and stopping migrants from leaving sent a clear message to anybody else thinking of trying to find a better life elsewhere.

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