Stoners would share joint with 1D, but not listen to their music

UK stoners have said that they would gladly smoke a joint with Zane and Louis from One Direction, just so long as they don’t have to listen to the new album. Although cannabis use is linked to mental health issues, there is no medical evidence to suggest it could possibly make smokers want to hear a 1D track.

‘A child might start experimenting with cannabis after listening to a One Direction album’ argued Dr Rachel Swift from the BMJ, ‘but not the other way round. They are completely different mental health issues’.

Stoners admit to losing contact with reality when overexposed to Zane’s mind-altering vocal offerings, according to spokesperson Jay Rimmer. ‘We’ve all seen the video: Zane and Louis making incoherent, childish noises and making complete fools of themselves. Then the CD finishes and they started smoking cannabis.’

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