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Health concerns over man who paid full price at Alton Towers

met his Nemesis in the ticket boothA man, whose name has been withheld to spare him public humiliation has been detained for psychiatric reports after arriving unannounced with his wife and two children at Alton Towers and attempting to pay full price for a family ticket.

‘He looked like a very ordinary bloke, and his family were what I would call run-of-the-mill too,’ said Derek Jarvis, 25, who was manning the booth at the time. ‘I was just gobsmacked when he handed over a credit card and nothing else. I was waiting for the cereal box vouchers, the newspaper coupons, the Facebook, the Groupon, the two-for-one flyer, the student discount, the annual pass, the manager’s apology letter in response to a complaint about a former visit… But nothing. Not even a Blue Peter badge.’

As there isn’t a ‘full price’ button on the tills at Alton Towers, Jarvis said that he had to sell the man two ‘mid-season adults go free family specials’. ‘I said “Haven’t you forgotten something?” but he replied “No I don’t think so,” quite calmly, and tapped in his PIN. I called my supervisor and she straight away pressed the panic button.’

After being questioned by managers, the man and his family were later released to enjoy the theme park. However, once the news got about, the remainder of their day was ruined as they encountered finger pointing and hysterical laughter from staff and other visitors at every turn. Reprints of the family’s log flume photo quickly became a top seller in the gift shop.

‘I don’t know why they think this is so amusing,’ the man was later heard to say. ‘I was just spending a bit of the cash we were fortunate enough to save when buying a sofa last week. Who would have thought I’d be lucky enough to pop in to DFS on the day of their sale?’

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Posted: Jun 3rd, 2014 by Boutros

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