Saudi woman banned from not driving driverless cars

The Saudi Arabian government has ruled that women must not drive Google’s new driverless cars, in a ruling that liberals have criticised for creating a law that appears to break itself. ‘Surely saying they must not not be driven by women means they must be driven by women,’ said one. ‘Women will get the blame, while men are left free to drive, not drive or not not drive, whether they are in a car or not.

Transport minister Rifat al-Hejazi said that the aim was to protect women, who might be blamed for any accidents caused by their not driving a driverless car. ‘We must also make sure women passengers in driverless cars should sit in the back, to demonstrate that they are not only not driving but not not driving either. This also means they will be less tempted to touch the wobbly stick or press any of the enticing buttons.’

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Posted: Jun 3rd, 2014 by

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