Ex-servicemen mark Bidet celebrations

6th June 1944 is still a special day in the memory of Corporal Mike Smythe of the Devonshire Regiment. He had never seen a bidet until his amphibious craft landed on Sword beach and no-one had explained the significance of Bidet to him.

‘Less than ten minutes after landing, I was washing my genitals in warm French water, knowing the Nazis were freezing their bollocks off on the Eastern Front,’ Smythe recalled, his frail fingers clutching at a ceremonial flannel and a fragment of worn 70 year old soap.

The Princess Royal, watched by heads of state, led Bidet celebrations in a private ceremony in a small outbuilding on Juno beach. In Paris, Prince Charles laid an accidental tribute in a bidet near the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and later apologised for the mistake British people made on trips to France in the sixties and seventies.

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