Man unable to believe he wasn’t interfered with in the 1970s


Nigel Coggins, a 52-year-old office worker from Rainham, has told of his turmoil at trying to deal with the fact that he managed to live out his childhood years and survive the ‘dirty decade’ completely unfiddled-with by hands other than his own.

‘I was a normal kid just like any other. I walked to school alone from age five, I played out for hours on end until it got dark and went on many adventures with my friends. And not once did I encounter a sexual predator. I look back now and wonder how the hell I did it,’ said the father-of-two in disbelief.

Coggins added that things have now got to the point though where he is starting to question his own memories. ‘Like the time I was 15 and knocked for my friend Pete and was greeted by his mum in her nightie. Her flowing red hair was just covering the pale skin of her shoulders and the silhouette of her pert breasts was partially visible through the chiffon veil. She asked if I wanted to come in and wait while Pete finished his bath. As I sat nervously in their living room, she quite casually asked if I’d already started ‘pleasuring myself’ yet. I said no, I always sit like this, before blurting out ‘Can I feel your tits?’

He continued: ‘This is constantly played against the memory of knocking at the door of Tracey Best, a popular local woman who had many male friends, but was swiftly told “F*ck off you four-eyed little pervert or I’ll call the police again!”.’

One expert has described Coggins’s dilemma as extremely rare. ‘A middle-aged man concocting scenarios in which, as a young man, he’s the subject of advances from a more sexually experienced woman? This is unheard of,’ he remarked

Coggins’s constant battle with his conscience has recently seen him placed in psychiatric care at a top London hospital where he said he is trying hard to forget whatever it is that actually happened or didn’t happen ‘back then’. He added that regular bed baths from a bevy of buxom nurses in tight-fitting uniforms are helping him no end towards his recovery.


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