Richard Dawkins to release own book of Fairy Tales

Eminent Academic and anti-delusionist Richard Dawkins has announced the publication of a series of revised Fairy Tales for the modern age, which he says are ‘designed to dispel the dangerous myths and beliefs that the Brothers Grimm have pervaded through generations of children.’

Each story, from “Persistent Vegetative State Beauty” to “Snow White and the Possessors of Defective Recessive Genes” is peppered with scientific tidbits and references to key articles to explain the truth behind the tales in a cold, stark, clinical manner.

The book has already been a hit, with pre-orders on Amazon elevating it into the top 100 and many reviewers lavishing praise on the tome, although others criticised the author’s explanations for the rapid Genetic Modification of Pumpkins and the inclusion of horse DNA into mice as ‘a bit far-fetched’.

After the success of this, Professor Dawkins plans to move away from book-writing to concentrate on his next project, the removal of Christmas and all associated items from the calendar.


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