BMW driver has existential crisis in middle of risky overtaking manoeuvre

A man driving a 5-series BMW has had a sudden moment of existential despair whilst attempting to overtake a tractor and 2 cars on a single carriageway arterial route in the midlands.

‘I overtook the tractor and then thought I might get past another 2 cars in the same move,’ said John Webb, a 43-year old property professional. ‘Even though there was dip in the road ahead and I couldn’t see if anything was coming the other way I decided to go for it. Then, just as I slipped her into ‘sports mode’, I had a moment of clarity and realised what a futile charade life is and that buying myself a potent 6-cylinder diesel engine, state of the art saloon car with heated seats and high-gloss shadowline was really just a diversion from trying to find some meaning in my life.’

A serious collision was narrowly averted when Webb realised that there was an articulated lorry heading straight for him. ‘When I saw the lorry flashing its lights and the driver angrily sounding the horn I snapped out of it just in time to pull back in, put down my window and give him the finger,’ he said, ‘I may have been facing up to the absurd contingency of human fate within a meaningless universe but I’m still a BMW driver, after all.’


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