Man who sent back free The Sun football supplement ‘will probably keep Sky TV’

Never, in the field of human contact, has so much paper been wasted on so many, by so few.

Political activist Andy Hutchinson feels he has emphatically demonstrated his opposition to the Rupert Murdoch empire and, in particular, The Sun newspaper, by returning the free World Cup football supplement posted through every British letterbox (except Liverpool) to the well publicised freepost address used by the publication.

Hutchinson admitted, however, that his opposition to the Murdoch empire does not extend to other products such as his Sky TV and broadband package which, unlike the Sun, he admits to finding entertaining, informative, progressive, innovative and also quite reasonably good value for money.

‘When you live out in the sticks like I do, TV is the only way to stay in touch, and I quite enjoy watching football and golf at the weekends and downloading music and films. And Eamonn Holmes. Aahh! So I have reluctantly decided to stay subscribed to those services,’ he said, but then dramatically turned around 180 degrees and added; ‘But the scumbags who decided to foist this rubbish on every home in the country should be punished, especially after what they wrote about the people of Liverpool 25 years ago, so this gesture being undertaken by thousands of similar activists will cost Murdoch some serious money, and really make him think about what his disgusting organisation is up to.’

Turning to the side, Mr Hutchinson continued; ‘I’m not just against Murdoch, I also hate fascist extremists such as Nigel Farage, so last month, like thousands of others, I sent a house brick to UKIP’s freepost address. I’m glad I did it, but what really annoyed me was having to queue at the post office behind all those bloody immigrants who were posting their wages back home. Who’s England is this?’ he furiously asked. After a brief pause, he went back out to the post box to retrieve his copy of The Sun which he felt sure would give him the answer.

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