Millennium Falcon subject to safety recall

Spaceship manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation have been forced to recall their YT1300 series craft after an owner was injured by a faulty door. The Health & Safety Executive insisted on the measure despite the company protesting the warranty on the Millennium Falcon was invalid due to the ship being used for racing, smuggling and to blow up planet-sized Imperial spacestations.

It comes soon after Toyota were forced to recall a million Prius models over a faulty throttle assembly. An HSE spokesman told us ‘Be it a family car or an interplanetary spaceship we take safety very seriously. In fact, this afternoon I’ve got to go and investigate a Police Box-shaped time machine with a dashboard fault’.

The injured gentleman’s wife Princess Leia Organa-Solo shrugged; ‘That damn ship, he’s trying to relive his lost youth, the old fool. Ever since he bought it back he’s been hanging out with his divorced buddy Lando and trying to fly the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.’

A hairy, seven foot tall expert on the YT1300 series was asked about the model’s safety, but all he would say was ‘Raaarrrrr’.

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