Pompeii crisis ‘nothing to do with me’, says Mount Vesuvius

shock and aaw, come on, seriously?

Active volcano Mount Vesuvius has insisted that it was not behind the crisis that engulfed Pompeii in AD79, and should not be held accountable for the devastation that took place.

The large cone-shaped projection claims the burying of the Roman city was a result of cataclysmic activity in the earth’s crust and the events that took place would somehow have happened anyway.

Much of the excessive loss of life during the controversial intervention in Pompeii has been attributed to the destructive power and choking fall-out from the pyroclastic spin, or Campbell effect.

Vesuvius, appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, argued that even if it had not erupted and spewed lava everywhere, the area would still be the cause of major instability throughout the region today. ‘All right, so belching hot ash and rocks all over the place, regardless of all the advice I was being given that nobody wanted it, didn’t really help. But even if I hadn’t intervened, it’s quite obvious that the city would still have been covered with six feet of volcanic lava for the following two thousand years. You can’t blame me.’

Writing in his blog, the huge sulphurous mound riven with faults and spewing hot gas from his hole denied destabilising the area and dismissed calls for it to face war crimes in The Hague.

The argument as to who is to blame for the levelling of Pompeii and the subsequent loss of life is set to rumble on, at least if Vesuvius continues to be given the privilege of airtime where it points the blame squarely at ‘nothing being done’ about Mount Etna.

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