High-speed spinning jenny needed to boost north, claims Osborne

A high-speed spinning jenny shared between Manchester and Leeds could help create a ‘global northern powerhouse’, George Osborne has said.  The chancellor said that modern technology meant that a cotton mill hand could work over 120 spindles at once on his proposed high-speed spinning jenny.  ‘That’s a lot of yarn,’ he said.

Labour accused Osborne of ‘cruelly raising false hopes amongst northern lads and lasses’, to try and win votes.  ‘The north will not see a high-speed spinning jenny in my lifetime,’ said Hazel Blears, MP for Salford and Eccles. But Osborne is determined to press on with his plan – and that of building a high-speed locomotion link between Manchester and Leeds.

‘A high-speed version of Stephenson’s Rocket with its innovative 0-2-2 wheel arrangement,’ the chancellor said,’ speeding between the two great northern cities will cost, but this government is prepared to stump-up the £5059.02 investment if it helps create a global northern powerhouse and engine shedfulls of votes.’

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